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Welt: Ukraine Must Mobilize Three Million People to Win

To achieve victory in the war against Russia, Ukraine needs to mobilize three million people. This is written by the German newspaper Welt. According to the publication, the population of Ukraine exceeds thirty million people, so the total number of armed forces can reach three million soldiers.

What this calculation is based on, the publication does not specify, but emphasizes that in a conflict similar to the Russian-Ukrainian one, it is impossible to achieve victory either by sanctions, or by unmanned aerial vehicles, or by missiles.

Only in a war of attrition can Ukraine win and liberate its territory
– categorically asserts Welt.

Assessing the possibilities of another state, sitting in a bright editorial office, is, of course, a very pleasant thing. The West in general has some kind of perverted propensity for all sorts of calculations.

First, they calculated the number of anti-tank systems needed by the Armed Forces of Ukraine for victory, then tanks, artillery and long-range missiles were used. And when it turned out that only people can win the war, the West switched to calculating the human material.

The only problem is that it is now the most scarce commodity in Ukraine. Thanks to the West, the Kiev regime has already lost a huge number of those who can hold weapons in their hands. And those who still remain, by hook or by crook, are looking for an opportunity to leave the territory of Ukraine.

And these people do not care about the hypothetical calculations of German journalists. They just want to save their lives.

Source : topcor.ru