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Judiciaries across Africa are looking up to Kenya – CJ Koome

Chief Justice Martha Koome has said that many African countries’ judiciaries are looking up to Kenya.

She said that they herald Kenya as a centre of focus because of the work of the Judiciary.

“Since I became Chief Justice, I have received almost 20 delegations of Judiciaries in Africa,” she said.

Koome said that she is preparing to receive a South Sudan delegation on Friday and Ghana in February.

The CJ was speaking in Nairobi during the launch of a report on Women in Law and Leadership.

She said that they are all curious to know how the Judiciary steered the election process and have a peaceful poll and subsequent transition of power.

“I was in the United States the other day and they were asking me how Kenya was able to make it and she was curious if it was the country as a whole that had that question for Kenya,” she said.

She said that Kenya has something that is happening that we ourselves may not be able to see from the inside but others on the outside can see it.

“There is a lot of interest in Africa and Kenya particularly,” she said.

She further said that although there are a few problems plaguing the country and Africa as a whole, the solution can be found right here in Kenya and the continent.

“We need to stand out in terms of being able to solve our problems because we know exactly what our problems were caused by,” she said.

She said she welcomes all these delegations to benchmark in Kenya and the Judiciary is willing to train them.

Source : Star