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Cuba and Angola ratify willingness to strengthen ties

Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla, Cuban foreign minister, and Manuel Domingos Augusto, secretary of the Political Bureau for International Relations of the Angolan People’s Liberation Movement (MPLA), ratified the will to continue strengthening ties in economic and trade areas.

On X , Rodriguez Parrilla expressed his satisfaction with his meeting with the Angolan partisan leader on Monday.

During the exchange, both parties valued the high level of historical ties and brotherhood between their nations.

The visitor also met with Roberto Morales Ojeda, Secretary of Organization of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC), where the relations of friendship, solidarity and cooperation between the MPLA and the PCC were highlighted.

During the meeting, an Exchange and Cooperation Agreement was signed between the PCC and the MPLA, which will make possible their strengthening in areas such as: formation and training of cadres and bilateral cooperation in economy.

Source: Cuba News