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Schneider Electric partners with Paragon Developments for sustainable smart building solutions

Schneider Electric has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Paragon Developments, aiming to bolster sustainability within Egypt’s real estate sector. Under this agreement, Schneider Electric will equip Paragon Developments’ administrative buildings, Paragon 2 and Paragon 3, with cutting-edge smart sustainable building solutions. The MoU was signed at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) in Dubai, witnessed by Sebastien Riez, Cluster President of Schneider Electric Northeast Africa, and Bedeir Rizk, CEO of Paragon Developments.

Leveraging Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxure platform, the solutions will manage critical smart building infrastructure, setting a benchmark for sustainable smart buildings in Egypt that align with economic, climatic, and socio-cultural standards.

Sebastien Riez commented: “In response to climate change, we need effective solutions to lower carbon emissions and optimize energy use. Schneider Electric is committed to supporting Egyptian developers with sustainable technologies for smart buildings.”

Bedeir Rizk said: “Our collaboration with Schneider Electric aligns with our vision to create smart administrative projects that meet sustainability standards, promoting responsible use of resources and environmental protection.”

The partnership will see Schneider Electric implement sophisticated solutions in Paragon 2 and Paragon 3, drawing on its extensive expertise with the EcoStruxure platform. This includes managing essential smart building infrastructures like electricity, HVAC, water, gas, data networks, and data centers. Additionally, Schneider Electric will install the Power Monitoring Expert (PME) system to monitor energy usage, prevent unplanned downtime, and ensure operational efficiency. The buildings will also feature medium and low-voltage packages, UPS systems, solar microgrids, firefighting systems, and Planon Real Estate Management Software.

Paragon 3, the latest addition to the company’s local project portfolio, offers spaces ranging from 104 to 250 sqm. Paragon 2, designed with sustainability in mind, includes the Paragon Hub—a multifunctional space with meeting rooms, office spaces, co-working areas, a gym, a nursery, a restaurant, and a concept retail store.

Source: Daily News Egypt