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YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Launches in Kenya, Ghana and Senegal

YouTube has announced that YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are now available in Kenya, Ghana, and Senegal.

In Kenya, YouTube Music (Individual) is priced at KES 419 (GHC 19), while the YouTube Music Family plan costs KES 669 (GHC 30). A student package costs GHC 9.50.

For an inclusive package, the YouTube Premium Bundle is available at KES 499, and the YouTube Premium Family plan is at KES 949.


YouTube Premium is all of YouTube and YouTube Music without interruptions. What this means is that subscribers will receive ad-free viewing, background play, and the ability to download videos for offline viewing.

Additionally, Premium subscribers will automatically receive a premium version of YouTube Music, which enables them to listen to music offline and without ads on the standalone YouTube Music app.

What They’re Saying

“Music is a powerful force that can unite people beyond their geographical and language barriers; It brings joy and elevates the psyche. We’re excited to bring YouTube Music to Kenya as this reinforces our commitment to provide individuals access to the music they love while exploring other interesting music preferences,” said Addy Awofisayo, Head of Music, Sub-Saharan Africa at YouTube.

“In addition to YouTube Music, YouTube Premium caters to our dedicated viewers by providing an enhanced viewing environment, empowering them to watch their favorite content seamlessly,” Awofisayo added.

Source: Tech Labari