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Call for Land Lease for Wind Park Project Issued in Montenegro

Energy 2 is developing the Sinjajevina wind park project in Kolašin in Montenegro. It will need to bid to take the land on lease, as the government issued a public call for the location.

In addition to approving dozens of urban planning and technical requirement documents for solar and wind power projects, the Government of Montenegro has turned to leasing land within its efforts to accelerate the deployment of renewables.

After a public call for 63.5 hectares of state-owned land in Šavnik for wind park Bijela was issued last month, investors will soon be able to bid for 154 hectares in the nearby Kolašin municipality, in the central part of the small Balkan country. The starting price is EUR 539,000 per month and the deadline for applications expires on September 25. The auction for the site in Kolašin is scheduled to be held live in the Ministry of Finance on September 28.

But the move seemingly just formalizes another phase in the wind power project under development by a firm called Energy 2, registered in the capital Podgorica. The government earlier acknowledged that the investor filed a request to take land in Kolašin and Mojkovac under lease for its investment.

Kolašin lease to last 30 years

The project is called Sinjajevina – Part 1. The segment on the Kolašin side is in the vicinity of the village of Lipovska Bistrica. The lease is set to be approved for 30 years. Wind turbines can have individual capacity of up to 7 MW each. The lease will be adjusted to inflation.

Co-owners of Energy 2, with equal shares, are Milutin Mićanović and Valentina Stanaj, according to a public registry. The firm was founded in February.

Firm developing Bijela wind park files request with environment regulator

As for the project in Šavnik, the company Vjetro park Bijela recently asked the Environmental Protection Agency of Montenegro to determine whether an environmental impact report is necessary. The location consists of 33 hectares of private property and 63.5 hectares of public land.

The investor took all the privately owned lots under lease for 30 years, the document reveals, and it also filed a request for the state land. The wind power plant is envisaged with 119 MW in capacity.

The firm said it opted for Siemens Gamesa turbines of 6.6 MW each. The capacity factor is 31.9%, it added. Vjetro park Bijela also estimated the annual output at 333 GWh.

Source : Balkan Green Energy News