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China Supplies Russia With Large Quantities of Military Equipment

Since the beginning of the military attack on Ukraine, Russia has received tens of thousands of supplies from China. We are talking, among other things, about drones, helicopters and metals, the British newspaper The Telegraph reported.

Since the beginning of the military attack on Ukraine, Russia has received tens of thousands of supplies from China. The recipients were mainly companies that produce rocket launchers, armored vehicles and strategic bombers. Among them are those who are under Western sanctions , the British newspaper The Telegraph reported in an investigation released on Saturday, August 19.

Western media have repeatedly reported that the PRC, despite its official neutrality in relation to the war between Russia and Ukraine , supplies Moscow with military equipment and equipment. Meanwhile, Beijing denies all accusations of military support for Russia.

According to The Telegraph, the volume of trade between China and Russia this year will exceed $200 billion, which will be a new record figure. Exports of goods that could potentially be used in the military sector more than tripled from June last year to June this year.

Deliveries of drones, helicopters and sights

According to research organization Molfar Global, two months before the war, the Chinese company Shantou Honghu Plastics sent 1,000  drones to Russia . In social networks and on its website, this company calls itself a wholesaler of children’s toys. The drones were sent to the Russian company Samson, which also positions itself as a wholesaler of toys. The publication believes that this is a shell company, its authorized capital is only 10 thousand rubles.

Four days after the start of the war, the Chinese company Hems999 sent two helicopters to Russia. Another Chinese firm, Tianjin Huarong Aviation, has delivered four Airbus helicopters to Russia since the start of the war. The equipment was received by the Russian company Ural Helicopter, whose main customer is the Russian Guard .

The investigation also says that from the beginning of 2022 to the first quarter of 2023, Chinese firms sent optical sights to more than 50 Russian companies. Imports of these products in 2022 almost doubled compared to 2021, amounting to $2.5 million.

Metal supplies

In 2022, China exported $18 million worth of titanium alloy products to Russia, almost twice as much as in 2021. Lightweight and heat-resistant titanium alloys are one of the main materials used in the production of military aircraft and weapons.

According to the British edition, titanium sheets and rods were delivered from China to NPP Start. This enterprise is engaged in the development of anti-aircraft missile systems and is part of the Rostec state corporation. Titanium products were also sent to S7 Technics, an aircraft maintenance and repair company.

Chinese companies have also sent shipments of magnesium alloys to Tupolev, which builds and helps maintain long-range bombers such as the Tu-95 and Tu-160M . These bombers are used to strike with cruise missiles on the territory of Ukraine.

Deliveries of raw materials through third countries

Companies associated with the production of KamAZ vehicles and KamAZ Typhoon armored personnel carriers received at least 520 consignments of goods from China (spare parts, welding machines and laser machines that can be used to manufacture weapons and military equipment). The Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, which is under sanctions, also received supplies from China.

In addition, according to The Telegraph, China can supply raw materials to Russia through third countries. It is reported that Beijing and Moscow were in secret negotiations with Iran on the supply of ammonium perchlorate. This chemical compound is used to propel ballistic missiles. If this deal is made, it will be hidden from the official trade registers.

Source : DW