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Tech Innovations Transform Africa’s Booming Beauty Industry

Africa’s vast potential as a beauty market stems from its growing middle class and youthful population. With the industry projected to be worth $77.81 billion by 2028, African startups are leveraging technology to revolutionise the sector. From virtual try-ons to AI diagnostics, beauty tech innovations provide convenience, access and personalised experiences.

A young, increasingly prosperous consumer base drives robust demand. Africa’s middle class has tripled in three decades, with one in three now above the poverty line. The continent also claims the world’s youngest population, with over 50% under 20. Top brands have invested in Africa, and homegrown startups are also capitalising on this growth using tech.

Just as innovations have disrupted finance and other high-potential sectors, African startups are ensuring the beauty industry reaches its full potential. By fusing cutting-edge technology with beauty, they give the sector a makeover. From customisation to streamlining operations, tech-powered solutions unlock new capabilities.

Kenya’s Uncover Skincare meets modern demands through tailored, data-driven products. Their online skincare quiz, teleconsultations and digital community platforms generate insights to craft targeted offerings. After raising $1 million, Uncover plans expansion across East Africa.

Nigeria’s Wala enables on-demand beauty services without physical salons. Professionals can start businesses without the limitations of location and capital. Wala also helps small salons modernise operations via the platform. Their annual tech festival convenes industry stakeholders to shape the future.

South Africa’s Avon ON app automates functions for beauty representatives. By leveraging digital networks, reps can earn income selling quality products from home. Management tools and personalised brochures further empower entrepreneurship.

Vutia, another Kenyan startup, democratises cosmetics access by linking manufacturers to informal resellers. Bulk orders via SMS, WhatsApp and their website deliver goods at competitive pricing. Users also become Vutia selling agents, earning commissions.

Egypt’s Glamera offers digital bookings for salons, spas and clinics in the MENA region. Users can discover and schedule appointments with contracted lifestyle service providers. After raising $1.3 million, Glamera seeks regional expansion.

By merging technology and beauty, these startups showcase African innovation. Convenience, personalisation, and operational solutions prepare the industry for the digital era. As the market rapidly expands, tech adoption will separate market leaders. Platforms that engage users and empower providers will define the future. Africa’s tech-savvy young population expects nothing less.

Source : Tech In Africa