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JAT Holdings incorporates JAT Paints Africa Limited in Kenya

Sri Lanka based JAT Holdings PLC has officially expanded to Africa in July 2023, through the incorporation of “JAT Paints Africa Limited” in Kenya, through a joint venture with Mayleen Corp – a Kenya-based diversified business house.

JAT Holdings and Mayleen Corp have already initiated various training programmes in Africa, further solidifying their commitment to the region and its economic development. Image source: avitis – Pixabay (symbol image).

This strategic move is set to strengthen JAT’s position as a leader in wood coatings across Africa, following its success in South Asia. Through the new partnership, JAT Holdings will now be able to manufacture and distribute wood coatings and other JAT products in key markets across Kenya and East Africa.

Access to the East African market

According to company information, Mayleen Corp is a dynamic Kenya-based diversified business group with operations spanning across diverse sectors. Since the group’s first operations started way back in 2005 the company has undergone a remarkable transformation from a trading entity into a thriving and distinguished brand. Mayleen’s expertise includes infrastructure development, civil engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing, design and construction of powerlines and EV public charging stations – among others. Mayleen Corp also serves as a local gateway for international groups and companies, facilitating access to the East African market through Kenya.

Event tip

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