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Jet Luxe Debuts in Morocco Seeking Expansion to Africa’s Market

Jet Luxe, a luxury travel airline, announced plans to enter the African market by venturing into Morocco.

According to a company statement, the focal point of this expansion is Jet Luxe’s inauguration of a new office in Morocco.

Jet Luxe’s Chief Business Officer Yassine el Moussi highlighted the significance of the move, citing Morocco’s pivotal role as a gateway linking Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

He explained that Morocco’s hosting of the 2030 FIFA World Cup is set to further boost the country’s attractiveness in the air travel market.

The statement explains that Jet Luxe doesn’t merely aim to establish a presence, but seeks to “revolutionize the aviation industry’s standards of luxury and exclusivity.”

The latest addition to the fleet, the Legacy 600 aircraft, reflects the company’s ambitions to reach their goal, the statement explains. The aircraft promises an “unparalleled travel experience,” that “surpasses” conventional expectations and “redefines opulence in the skies.”

To celebrate the milestone, Jet Luxe organized an exclusive event in partnership with Aston Martin Casablanca and Air Ocean Maroc.

During the event, over 20 VIP passengers were offered a journey from Casablanca to Marrakech, where the company showcased its services.

The airline explained that its services are not just targeting the elite, as it aspires to make luxury travel more accessible to a wider audience.

Jet Luxe is not the only flight operator to flock to Morocco ahead of the 2030 FIFA World Cup. In October, budget air travel company RyanAir said it is eyeing the Moroccan domestic market as the country prepares to host the 2030 World Cup in its joint bid with Spain and Portugal.

Converging reports indicate that the carrier is now looking to enter Morocco’s domestic market in 2024, ahead of the expected rise in demand that would coincide with the 2030 World Cup.

Source: Morocco World News