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The Israeli Army Has Given Residents More Time to Evacuate Northern Gaza

Eight days after Hamas launched an unprecedented attack on its soil, Israel continued preparations for an offensive in northern Gaza on Sunday, October 15. Pending its ground offensive, the Israeli army on Friday called on 1.1 million civilians in the north of the territory to reach the south of the Palestinian territories. However, a military spokesman assured on Saturday evening that the ground offensive would not begin on Sunday for humanitarian reasons. Follow our live stream.

The number continues to rise. Palestinian officials said According to a new report released Sunday morning, 2,329 people have died in the Gaza Strip. In total, the UN reported that more than 1,300 buildings were destroyed in this 362 km² area. On the Israeli side, the Israeli military said at least 1,300 people, mostly civilians, had been killed in Hamas attacks.

The World Health Organization “condemns” the evacuation order for residents of northern Gaza. The discharge of “22 hospitals treat more than 2,000 patients in northern Gaza”It can be towards excessive companies in the south of the territory “Amounting to the death penalty”The company warned on Saturday evening.

Three new special flights on Sunday to repatriate French citizens from Tel Aviv. “Vulnerable persons, unaccompanied minors and especially pregnant women, persons with disabilities or in a specific emergency medical situation, will be given priority on specially organized flights”, the French Foreign Ministry notes. Since Thursday, four flights have been set up for a total of 1,200 passengers.

France is concerned “Regional Increase” Violence. Lebanon and the Hezbollah group are mandatory “Stay out of conflict” Between Israel and Hamas “Avoid opening a second front in the region”, Elysee announced Saturday. French presidential judges “Very worrying” A tense situation on the border between Lebanon and Israel. Paris also called out Hezbollah’s backer, Iran “Avoid adding stress”.

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