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Russia Increases Diesel Exports to Türkiye, Brazil and Africa

Since a full EU embargo on Russian oil products went into effect on February 5, Russian diesel shipments have been destined for Africa, Asia and the Middle East instead of Europe.

Accordingly, shipments of diesel fuel and gas oil that Russia exports to Brazil, Turkey and Africa increased to new record highs in March as traders sought new markets after the ban, according to Refinitiv traders and data.

According to Refinitiv data, shipments of diesel and gasoil from Russia’s Baltic and Black Sea ports to Turkey already exceeded 1.2 million tons in March, surpassing last month’s figure of 0.8 million tons.

The figures showed that Russia’s Baltic ports exported at least 300,000 tons of diesel to Brazil this month, more than the 205,000 tons recorded for the whole of February.

Market sources added that Russia has also boosted diesel supplies to African countries.

“It seems that Africa will get large quantities (of Russian diesel),” said one trader.

According to Refinitiv data for March, about 200,000 tons of diesel were shipped from Russian-controlled ports to Libya, about 165,000 tons to Algeria and 100,000 tons to Tunisia. Other importers include Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and Morocco.

The data showed that a shipment of 200,000 tons of diesel from Russia is scheduled to arrive in Fujairah in the UAE this month.

Last month, Russia sent at least 450,000 tonnes of diesel to Saudi Arabia, including some shipments by ship-to-ship transfer near the port of Kalamata, although no such shipments were recorded on this shipping route yet in March.

Source: Dailysabah